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Full Version: Aaron Ramsey - Leg Breaker Tackle Video V Stoke
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i didnt think the tackle was that bad it was late but dont think by any means he meant to hurt the boy!!
Arsenal players need to bulk up on calcium to make there bones stronger.

but Ramsley is a great player hope hes back soon
prev vid nt working

he said he'll never hurts a Fellow professional
ouch! hopes he gets better soon. that looks PAINFUL!
Not seen it and the videos posted here aren't working for me. I don't think many pros set out to actually hurt a fellow pro.
If I'm honest, there was no nastiness in this challenge. Look at his reaction after the incident. That is not the reaction of a hardman set out to really hurt someone.

I think an honest pro is being slated in the press by whinger wenger, who probably didn't see it anyway.

It was a hard challenge, but no malice.

The Arsenal players' reaction, while understandable, is way over the top. I can't see how Shawcross can be blamed. It was a terrible accident.
yikes! you are right Smile ... Arse team over reacted and Drama played!!
Showcross is ex United I liked him was disappointed to see him leave good player
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