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Hello everyone and my fellow United Fans'. I jus joined the site a few days ago. Well 2 days to be precise. I love the Private Stream for Gold Members so I got a Gold membership done! :-) Anyways, coming to the part where I introduce Myself. I'm Khalid. I've supported United since.. the early times of FIFA.. I think it has been almost 10 years now.. Yep' precisely. I love everything about United' except for the times when Sir Alex Ferguson makes wrong decisions, regarding the players He's selling, the line-up.. I was really upset when He sold Ruud Van Nistelroy. I mean seriously, see his goals!? would you sell that caliber of a player? Then.. Then at times He makes the worse of the line-ups lol.. which we've mostly lost :-P .. Not that I'm wrong. Anyways, it has been an emotional filled journey to be a fan of United. I remember the Citeh' derby this season.. . I was at a Pub, and when Owen scored the winner.. I screamed LOL .. and I shouted at the Citeh' fans.. orderin them to go back to where they belong, EASTLAND ! :-D It wos great. Fascinatin!! Love United for Life!
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Hey ..... buddy Smile WC
hi m8 enjoy the site
Welcome Khalid. Stick around and enjoy the fun.