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Full Version: Price Freeze for Next Season
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Seems like they're freezing ticket prices for next season

United confirm ticket freeze
Red Devils faithful given boost for next season

Manchester United have confirmed they are freezing ticket prices next season.

The Glazer family have been attacked for the size of price rises since their controversial takeover in 2005 and it was claimed further increases would be implemented despite the ongoing worldwide economic problems.

However, the club have announced prices will be pegged next term, which will come as a welcome relief to supporters.

The move, which is unprecedented for the Red Devils in recent times, means admission on matchdays will continue to cost between £27 and £49, with season tickets ranging from £513 to £931.

im surprised they didnt raise the price
I was when I saw that on the box last night. Wow. I guess its a big move to appease the G&G campaign and put the Glazers in a slightly better light. Let's see what money they also make available in the summer?