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Full Version: Premier League footballers not the richest on the planet - revealed
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It is well established that the Premier League is the world's richest football division and that its players are, collectively, the best-paid on the planet.

But it might surprise some people to learn that compared to the richest divisions in other globally popular sports – basketball, baseball, cricket, American football and ice hockey – England's finest come some way down the pecking order.

Manchester United's comparable figures are £55,818 per week, or £2.9 million a year, while just outside the top 30 are Arsenal, at No 31 (with average pay of £50,289 per week; £2.6 million year) and Liverpool at No 33 (£48,662 per week, £2.5 million year).

Aside from Real, Barca, Chelsea and United, the top 30 is dominated by basketball franchises and baseball clubs in the United States. It does, however, include three teams from cricket's Indian Premier League, the upstart competition in world sport.

The Premier League is only the world's fourth richest sports league by average earnings (£28,230 per player per week, or £1.47 million a year).

Top paying sports team in the world by average first-team pay

1 NY Yankees MLB £4,674,644 (£89,897 per week) Highest: Alex Rodriguez £20,130,000

2 Real Madrid La Liga £4,235,110 £81,444 Highest paid player: n/a

3 Barcelona La Liga £4,067,200 £78,231 Highest paid player: n/a

4 Chelsea Premier League £3,585,185 £68,946 Highest paid player: n/a

5 Dallas Mavericks NBA £3,553,823 £68,343 Highest: Jason Kidd £13,036,920

6 LA Lakers NBA £3,409,281 £65,563 Highest: Kobe Bryant £12,970,125

7 Detroit Pistons NBA £3,340,189 £64,234 Highest: Allen Iverson £12,712,781

8 Cleveland Cavaliers NBA £3,303,495 £63,529 Highest: Ben Wallace £8,845,000

9 Boston Celtics NBA £3,266,251 £62,813 Highest: Kevin Garnett £15,098,680

10 New York Knicks NBA £3,264,010 £62,769 Highest: S Marbury £12,712,781

Only seven English football teams are higher placed: Chelsea, United, Arsenal, Liverpool, Newcastle (N49), Aston Villa (62) and West Ham (66).