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Full Version: Mourinho has Man Utd clause in Real Madrid contract
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Mourinho has Man Utd clause in Real Madrid contract

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Quote:Jose Mourinho's Real Madrid contract will have a 'Manchester United escape clause' included.

The deal will allow him to move to Old Trafford should Sir Alex Ferguson step down, it has been revealed.

The Sunday Mirror says he will not leave anything to chance as he sets his sights on eventually succeeding Sir Alex Ferguson at Old Trafford.

Mourinho is set to have an escape clause within his four-year Madrid deal. This will state that after serving Real for two years he will be able to move on – if their compensation requirement is met.

It is Ferguson’s decision to prolong his stay at Old Trafford that has led Mourinho to seek sanctuary at the Bernabeu.

Privately Mourinho admits United is the only job that interests him in England, despite frequently hinting that one day he would like to return to Chelsea.
Interesting. I like him but don't want him here if its going to be a short tenure.
if tat happen ,stretfordend have to Roar defend defend! defend ! defend !defend
lol Big Grin
Same information, new source Smile

Mourinho looks to a red future

Manchester United could have Jose Mourinho in their managerial hot-seat in just two years time.

Quote:The former Chelsea coach is set to be unveiled as Real Madrid's new manager, but will have a clause in his new contract that allows him to move to the Premier League.

The Special One has agreed a four year deal at the Bernabeu stadium after Inter Milan reluctantly allowed him to move to join the Spanish giants.

However, two years into his deal, Mourinho will be able to speak to any club providing they meet the required compensation.

He has - on a number of occasions - expressed his desire to one-day return to the Premier League, with Manchester United among the clubs rumoured to be interested.

It is believed that Mourihno, who spent three years at Stamford Bridge, was keeping close tabs on Sir Alex Ferguson's plans on retirement before making his decision to move to Real.

Ferguson has said that he vows to remain in the Old Trafford dugout so long as he is healthy enough to do so.

United chief executive David Gill has revealed that there is a "small list" of potential managers in line to succeed the Scot, with Everton's David Moyes another possible target.

On whether Mourinho featured on that list, Gill said "He's done well, hasn't he? He certainly has something about him. He's a winner."

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very interesting
Manchester United Confident New Real Madrid Coach Jose Mourinho Will Eventually Replace Sir Alex Ferguson - Report

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A small portion of the article:

Quote:Mourinho's move has played in to United's hands as it has given them breathing space to wait for the Scot to step aside. Privately, the club's board were worried he would be snapped up by rivals Liverpool or Manchester City in the interim.

The Portuguese today vowed to lift the Champions League with Madrid. He has been reported to have include a United 'escape clause' in his deal which will see him on the touchline at the Theatre of Dreams when Ferguson finally calls it a day.

I reckon its a load of bull, i doubht real would ever let it happen. Look at your sources,, the sunday mirror and!

Would love it to happen though!
Lol, I agree that its probably not what everyone's making it out to be.

He probably does have this clause that states he's free to make a move after 2 years if Real get their compensation.

He's worked it into his contract as he likes short term stints and the Real coaching scene can get nasty quick and this could well be his "escape pod". He knows that many European teams will be willing to meet this compensation amount. The Press is probably linking his wish to return to England and SAF reaching 70 in the 2 years just to sell a few more papers & get a few more hits on their websites.
Is Jose the answer at United, with a very short stint? At United, we have tried to build long-term dynasties and not gone for the quick fix. Sir Matt and Sir Alex were with the club for what seemed like lifetimes. There is not really the room for a 2 minute wonder, is there? The Board must plan for the longer term.
he formaly said , will stay for long term ... bt caunt Trust him :|