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Full Version: Barclay's Premier League Fixtures 2010-11
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The fixtures for the upcoming season were announced a little while ago.


All times are GMT. I've highlighted (in red) games against the other 3 teams in the top four and also Liverpool and the two derby games against City.

We have some tough back to back games, most notably -
1) Everton and Liverpool in September

2) City and Villa in November

3) Arsenal and Chelsea in December

4) Everton, Arsenal and Chelsea at the end of April and the beginning of May
Why do we always get Liverpool in September? I think every season since 2005 its been like this! Looking forward to beating the scum all the same!
Great Info. keep it up.

aug 21 match Smile ma birthday .. bt away game :|
As I said in the other thread (closed now, as there are 2), we will need to be careful about publishing the fixtures as there are copyrights involved. I'm pretty sure we were warned last season about having them and ended up with a link to them instead.
I've added in the source of the United list now, its at the bottom. The other one with all the fixtures remains as a link. Did they have trouble with MUP not giving them credit or are we not supposed to post fixtures at all?
I think we're actually not supposed to post the fixtures at all. I guess we leave them there for discussion until we're asked to remove them?

Going to try for tickets this year. Fancy West Ham at home, early on.
Im going to spurs at home this year quite possibly 30th october
Unless it changes for TV. Sky usually like to show the United v Spurs matches. Should be a good one, mate, with Spurs in the Champos league and looking stronger each year!
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