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Full Version: Favorite gaming console
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Hey guys. Which is your favorite gaming console ? I own a PS2 and i love playing on it.What about you ?
XBox 360 for me!
I suggest Ps3 for best .....
xbox 360Smile
Me also Xbox360.......Its best.
Hello guys...
PS3 is the best because it has better graphics and more space to put info in the CDS.
well..i got Ps2 .. love play Smackdown there .. at Pc .. i play PES 2011 And Fifa 11
Well My favorite gaming Consoles as below

Xbox 360

Tell me what is your favorite game console
I have large collection of Ps3 games...
i use px3 console last 2 years so i can't change any other console...


i also have a great collection of PS3... I love to play this game very much...
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