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Full Version: Barca Or Real
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Who Will win the Spanish league?

At the time of writing Barcelona where 6 points clear of closest rivals Real Madrid with both teams having played 26 games.

Can real stop Barca or is it already over?
It's over! Barca are home and dry.
Furthermore, they play fantastic football which is more than I can say for Real.
Its gonna be Barca for me.
Barcelona for me too...
barca for me. they ran riot against many teams. Smile
barca too. their superstars are better compared to real.
Barca for sure. The score goals for fun. Cant se them screw this up.
yes my friends the LADSSSS at Barca have rapped it up for the season im afriad to say but thtas my opinion ...ofcourse things have changed ..i the past like our LADS lost 3 in a row ..
where a u ??????????????//
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