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Full Version: Fifa vs Pes
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What do you think is better? i like fifa heaps moreSmile
Im sorry but I have always been a Fifa bloke, im getting bored of it, its becoming very similar, commentry gameplay, even the goals, never long range always the cheap tap ins. PES on the other hand is more enjoyable i reckon.
IMO, PES is awful. The controls are confusing. On the other hand, FIFA is much more fluid and and has a smoother feel to it.
i prefer to pes, its very enjoyable and easy to use
I Prefer Pes .. It easy to edit .. and got many patch..
PES is a mess. FIFA has more smooth controls and there's something about it that's much more real than PES itself.
I moved from Pes to fifa two years ago, and can't go back!
The fifa controls are more fluid, the games looks and feels better, there's more skill moves, overall the game is a straight improvement.
Always liked FIFA more. I don't think PES is bad as such but once you start playing FIFA the PES controls get annoying after a while.