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Full Version: Man Utd vs Wolves 26/10 prediction?
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what is your pridiction for tuesdays' game, Man Utd vs Wolves?

I would guess: Man Utd 1:0 Wolves.

I reckon it will be 3:0 United's way
3-1 united
i would go with 4 nil. owens and macheda have got a point to prove
Well, it seems that was not at all the case we all expected. Isn’t it? I too was hoping to see Man United thrash Wolves in a 3-0 win. It seems even though Manchester United did score three goals, the Wolves were smart and brave enough to score two of their own. That shows how much dedicated and skilled they have become over the few years. Anyway, I do hope Man UTD improves their defensive section before UEFA gets heated up!