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Alright, My names Ben, live in Bedfordshire, 17 Years old, am a massive Man Utd fan none of this Glory nonsence it really annoys me, I watch United when i can as you can see from the age the money is tight Smile, I play for a Sunday league team called Harrold & Carlton, I play Right midfield but currently im being placed Left or centre Sad but its alright Smile. Anything else you want to know just drop me a message Smile
Hi Ben, Good to have you with us. Smile
Hi Ben :

Welcome to the forum.
I'm sure you will become a knowledgable addition to our Man. United supporters site.

Rgds .... Hyltz'.
Greeting to you too Sir.
I am also new. I have been a member of the Forums on the official United website for a while now. But do to a lack of maintenance, and general misuse, i hope i have found a solution to that problem here.

Blessings from Jamaica.