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Full Version: Kaka?
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They say Kaka will be United player, and United will sell Ronaldo. Are Kaka good enough to take over for Ronaldo?? UndecidedHuh

What do you think??
I prefer Ronaldo, he's alot better all round as a player and is younger than Kaka. People forget Kaka's 27. But if Ronaldo went i'd like us to sign Kaka and Ribery.
I say buy Kaka and get rid of that twat Berbatov.

Nice to hear other people booing him today in OT
well i dont think so that kaka better than ronaldo , but i think united should get a good forward player beside rooney , instead of berbatov , even tevez is better than berbatov .
that mob got both ehh!

i like berbatov he has to best first touch in the game if you ask me.
ino he has no pase at all but with his fist touch he makes space.
some of his passes are beyoned me really top class top top class