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I was thinking about getting a United Tattoo and when I looked it up I found these, What you think

[Image: Jake-Sicinski---Forever-red_580x435.jpg]
On The Back Of Me Calf

Or something like [Image: Tim-Howarth---Man-united_580x435.jpg]

On The Back Of Me Calf

I don't have either of these I'm just thinking about getting them


Hmm, i personally dislike tattoos.
well me too Smile
I like it fair play do I'd say them ones are sore
yea and expensive but worth it
The crest would be a bit dodgy coz we coud easily change it like we did few years ago but the devil is good idea
I used to have my nails tattooed, they looked great..and the pictures grew out!!! Try it! I have a friend who's a Tattoo-ist, he has 'invisible inks & UV fluorescent inks which are mental!!!
i like this
that second one is awesome, and i myself, might just get this for my 17th Big Grin Big Grin
I want one.
Always said I would get one if they win the treble again. I know it seems dumb to have that type a reasoning.
Maybe next season
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