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Full Version: Fifa13 be-a-pro online team
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Whos interested in making a fifa13 team (name: ManUtdPeople xD) where our members (and guests) can join?
I'm a pretty alright player (currently division 2 on ps3 fifa12) so if we can get a team of a similar caliber - we should be able to have a pretty good and successful time.
Just an idea - let me know what you guys think!!! Smile
This looks a good and fun idea! Smile
Lol yea it would be amazing !! Smile
And im pretty sure that u only need like two or three players playing at one time to have a club game (ie representing ManUtdPeople against other teams).

Only problem i realised is that i live in Australia. So when most of you lads are online fifa-ing away -- ill be deep in my sleep Sad
Hay just whilst im on that point - how many of you guys live in Australia? Smile
I'm interested in this as well sign me up Fergie
I seriously hope we should do this. Asides from providing the forum members an avenue to play together, this could serve as a place for us to interact and communicate, asides from the forum. Do we have any updates regarding this? I'll be buying FIFA 13, which is on sale for $5, and I want to play with some friends.