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Full Version: Best squad idea.
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I have an idea which i'm sure alot of us will enjoy and could be an interesting venture for the forum, it would involve us ,the fans, picking what we think is the best United squad in history. Every day or so I will post a top starting with Goalkeepers and you guys can pick who you think United best player is in that positon and pick a reason. Then I will tally up the votes and we will see who is the best Man Utd squad overall and over the clubs history.

What do you guys think of this idea?
nice idea I like it
Good idea.I enjoy to read it.
Yeah great idea - look forward to it.
yea this is good looking forword to it starting
love it great idea
so where is it?
woohoo should be fun great and super thinking smart man
is it getting started or whats going on?
i think he's forgotten about it