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Full Version: Zoran Tosic
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a few days after watching the Audi Cup, I realized that there was no Tosic. What happened to Tosic after the Asia tour? I thought he did really well in the Asia tour. Was or is he injured?
i dont think he is injured but sure we havent played any games since the asia tour so how could he be injured??? he was an unused sub during the tour
I am not sure but he has done very well in the games I have seen.
i don't think hes up to much to be honest the new nani???
I like him but we will see.
i think he still needs time to adapt to the english game maybe loan him ou till january
I dont think that he is that good, but he hasn't really had a chance so you never know. Personnally, i think that the majority of the £18m fee was for Ljajic, he's just some sort of buddy or something.
Great talent.. Bt not yet experienced.. Mr Ferguson must integrate him in more matches..
I think he needs time to develop as for Ljajic i have not seen him played so lets hope he will be a future star for Man U
tosic is the new messi.
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