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Full Version: Will Atletico Madrid make history?
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For a number of years now, it has always been Real Madrid and Barcelona battling for the top two positions in the Spanish league. This season however, Atletico Madrid have started the season very well. Is there a possibility that they can cling tenaciously to their current position and end up humiliating Real Madrid who spent a lot on buying just one player?
One word answer.

That's what makes La Liga so boring. It's damn too predictable. Year in, year out, it's either FCB or Real winning the title. And as it stands, this might go on for a long time because after Real get Falcao they'll have got to be almost as good as Barca and they'd be no stopping them.
Another question to ask, though, would be:

Is anyone really interested? That league is just like the SPL, but with better weather!!! Only 2 teams in it

(OK, so the football might be a bit better, but you know what I mean!!)