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Full Version: United v Fulham -- Views
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A few days late I know, between getting home from the game/work it's been pretty hectic.

My own views where this-- (a lot of which has all ready been made and pointed out)

I thought it was all United, decent enough play-without being scintillating, although we got "all those 80 odd crosses" in the box--the mixture between the quality of ball/the number of Fulham players back in their box defending, meant the balls in needed to be inch perfect!!!!
Fulham looked more dangerous than us from our own bloody corners!!!!!
When they made a break up the field and the ball was played into Sidwell- I couldn't believe how much space he was able to run into too!!!
Obviously this unexpected goal shocked the home fans, as well as the players!! United continued to battle away in the 1st half-but I thought we were so fortunate that it wasn't 2-0 at Half-time , with that Ex Red, Kieran Richardson shooting well over just before 40mins.
So 1-0 at halftime sitting wondering what was happening thinking-what do United have to do!! Sad
2nd half pretty much the same-then on came one of our few shining lights-this season--Adnan Januzaj, he along with Little Pea and Valencia-we looked much more of a threat!!! Finally and thankfully the goal came from RVP quickly followed by Michael Carrick's strike.
Everything seemed sweet-then the 5mins came up, but even then-we were well in control, but of course as always seems to be happening this year-the opposition got another late goal at our theatre of dreams!!!!!
I thought De Gea, could've done better-but that's the luck United are getting these days!!! Sad

So disappointing-the team worked their balls off to finally break down Fulham-then take the lead-and then BOOM-the sucker punch yet again!!!! Sad(

I really don't know what to expect tomorrow night!! Would love to see Adnan get a start--but with Arsenal taking a heavy defeat--they'll be out too put that right!!! Sad
Going to be interesting!!!
Keep praying Reds--and of course BELIEVING!!!!!


To be honest, I am fearful for tonight. There is no spine to the team at the moment, let alone the lack of creativity. I read the headline in the Daily Mirror yesterday, saying that United played like a non-league side. If they are referring to the wasteful crosses lobbed onto the head of the tall Fulham defender and no plan B, then they were right. it was not top-flight class.

It used to be that United were the team that kept going to the end, not the opposition!

81 crosses into the box may be a record, but where was the style or panache? Where was the mixture of delivery? Far too many went out for a throw in!! Rubbish! This is NOT the United way. If the manager cannot see how poor Young is, then he doesn't deserve to be in charge of United, to be honest. Between him and Rafael - who is not a winger/wide man - they put in 25 crosses, ONE of which found a United player.

Enough said.