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Full Version: Why did lose last night?
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Why did we lose last night against Watford FC? What do you think is the reason?
Because mourinho wasn't using the right information,and that's what the other two managers mistakes.they should switch back to 4-4-2 information,one striker doesn't woek for us.two strikers does.and they should be playing from wings,with 4-4-2 information,let check wingers who been built,Ryan gigs,David beckcam,cronaldo,Valencia,before he was moved to the back.henry cantina.he as enough wingers who can move the ball forward.
For the two strikers.with that they game will be balanced.and he need to get rid of routine Rooney.he is most problem,he is not useful to ibrahimovic.he was just run around the pitch.the striker himself created the goal chance.faguson uses 4-4-2 most time,Rooney with tevez,Rooney van Persie,babatov Rooney.and we are doing fine even with chicarito.if he decide to be using same information the players will keep struggling and they won't win most matches.and trust me before December mourinho will be gone.he should strike ibrahimovic with rashford,or rashford with delay.they will destroy any defens.
The wide men were too narrow and the full backs don't seem to want to bomb forward any more. No overlapping.

Also, there was so little pressing when Watford had the ball. We seemed to allow them time and space on the ball. We need a higher pressure game when we don't have the ball.

And for me, Rooney is not doing enough. I think he hasn't got a position that works for him right now. He should be working off Ibra, but drops too deep and becomes ineffective.