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Full Version: Hello from Czechia
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Damn, I actually used the new official name for Czech Republic that everybody here hates, but whatever, it's shorter Smile

Anyway, hi! My name is Matej, I'm originally from Slovakia, but I live in CZE since cca 2007. I've been a Man Utd fan since my childhood (I actually remember playing as them often as soon as FIFA 96, when I was about 7-8). Why United? They had a reputation of always going for the win, never giving up and fighting till the end. I found that extremely inspiring and admirable - and I still do.

As for favourite players, back than it was definitely Giggsy, Scholes, I definitely enjoyed the van Nistelrooy era, but it's hard to tell - there were so many great players, great characters. Today I have to go with Rooney, for his dedication, versatility, persistance, and also for his charity activities off the pitch. And I also really like Juan Mata - great player and probably the nicest guy in footbal Smile

It's surprisingly hard to find United fans around here, so I'm glad to have found this community Smile
Welcome to the community, Matej. Smile

We are happy to have you with us...
And will love to see more of your quality posts.
Ahoj Matej.

Vitajte na stránkach

I hope that is about right, because I am not from Eastern Europe, but the East of England, but I like to try! Nice to set a back story to you. And yes, Mata comes across as Mr Nice Guy, with his quiet work for charity and his time for the fans.

Welcome to the website (is what it should say above)
Thanks for uvítanie! (welcome) Smile Well, let's hope for a good match tonight against Hull City!
nie je zač

Shame about the poor match last night, hey?
(02-02-2017, 12:31 PM)Noucamp99 Wrote: [ -> ]nie je zač

Shame about the poor match last night, hey?

Yep, it's a shame. I thought about deleting my comment afterwards Smile I really thought we were going to grab the win in the end. I believe in better result today (and I really hope I'm not going to regret posting this)!

It was a great performance and a good result. Leicester for the drop?