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Full Version: Newboy on the RED Wagon..
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Hi all. I live down on the South Coast near Eastbourne and have been a Manchester United supporter since WW2, about 74 years. I saw my first game, a friendly, at Maine Road between United and City, it was played their because of Old Trafford having been bombed. I am married, 55 years and have 3 sons, one a Pool supporter and the youngest, cough, an Arse.... supporter, the other one not interested. I do not go to see United now because I am disabled, but I do record every game off of the United channel and edit them down onto DVD. I am one of those who have a rather large collection of United gear including way over 1000 DVDs, books shirts, I could go on and on.
I mustn't keep going on, I don't want to bore you.
Keep the Reds flying and the support NOISY.