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Full Version: Too Good To Go Down.(BT Film)
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Just watched "Too Good To Go Down" a BT Film on YouTube. The parallel to today's team is very near. One of the main reason's I enjoyed it is because Its full of hero's from my youth. It mainly covers United from 1968 to 1978. In my opinion the most enjoyable and entertaining United side ever, Tommy Doc's United. This current team is worse than the 1974 side that got relegated, not because of the players but because of the idiotic moron  we've got in charge now.
I thoroughly recommend that you watch this excellent film.
I saw this advertised but thought na won't bother, you've changed my mind now.
I watched it recently and it is well done. It doesn't stop at the relegation, but also shows the recovery and why the Doc was forced to leave. Lots of football and interviews with real people, rather than a docusoap.