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Full Version: Things that you hate about football
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What do you hate about football? Hre's some things that I dislike -

Diving - Why cheat?

Placing the ball and inch or so outside the corner, when taking a corner - As if it will make a difference

The refeere playing a rounded amount of stoppage time, rather than the exact time

Spitting through your nose - Although it gives me a slight satisfaction...don't know why

Falling and rolling over as if you are on fire when the player next to you barley touched you

Liverpool - No need to give a reason

Flukes and lucky goals...often done by the above

Red cards and offsides given when they shouldn't have been given
timewasting, no call for it
players signing for a team saying that it is their dream club, when it clearly isn't
Sheffield United and Mansfield (shouldn't allow them to be apart of our game) *wink

I hate mardy managers, professionalism.. How players don't tell the truth, those who dive, cheat and hack down players and think it's fair play.

Quite a few things actually.
Football violence
arsene wenger
Wenger, yes, ha ha.

Liverpool, Leeds, Chelski, the Arse.
Bolton fans - especially the kids, who still think it's funny to go on about Munich! Saw it last season. Idiots!
Kissing the badge and then signing for another club!
Diving - cheating in general.
Trying to get players booked by showing the imaginary card.
Kids who follow one team this week, but 'cos Chelski won, they're now Chelski fans. Nice bandwagon!
Hearing yourself sing at OT! I hate it when it's quite and you join in with chants, but no one around you does - corporate seats!!
Away fans in the home section.
(02-09-2009, 12:17 PM)Noucamp99 Wrote: [ -> ].
Kids who follow one team this week, but 'cos Chelski won, they're now Chelski fans. Nice bandwagon!

yea then cause city have money and start buyin big players people will jump on their bandwagon
You're not wrong there. Oh, that so gives a bad taste in the mouth. All those kids who'll shell out on sky blue crap to wear to the park, cos they don't understand history!

Another thing I hate. People who say they support a team (fan, supporter, whatever), but no nothing about their club. No history, not even current events there. Not bothered about whether they go or not, but at least read the papers or watch TV.
i was in a sports shop on letterkenny on friday and there was a few city tops for sale, back in on sunday afternoon they were all gone, mainly because city were on tv on sunday, also they started a donegal city supporters club last october a month after they were bought by the arabs. does that tell you something
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