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Full Version: Giggs: Rooney, Nani and I Will Share Freekicks Now Ron’s Gone
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Cristiano Ronaldo has taken pretty much every freekick Manchester United have been awarded over the past few years. Whilst plenty would be rifled straight in to the wall, there were some truly sublime goals scored from great distances and seemingly impossible angles.

Ryan Giggs scored a great freekick against Tottenham Hotspur to take it to 1-1 after Jermaine Defoe scored with less than a minute played. After the match, Giggsy admitted he was a bit rusty where freekicks were concerned but that there were other players as well as him eager to take on the freekick duty.

“I’ve been a bit rusty at free kicks,” said Giggs. “We’ve got plenty of players who can take them. “Nani’s already scored one this season, Wayne and myself both can. We’ve got plenty of options, but we didn’t have a look-in for four or five years, obviously with Cristiano! I was just glad to see it go in.”

Fortunately, we had a goal advantage when we went down to ten men, although Wayne Rooney went on to make it 3-1 regardless.

“With 10 men obviously it’s always tough,” he added. “They had a lot of the ball and we had to defend really well, they’ve got a lot of attacking options so we had to try to get men behind the ball and try to get a breakaway goal - and that’s what we got. It was a great goal. When you’re down to 10 men you’re just hanging on really and hoping you get something, a bit of magic, and Wayne’s produced that.”
was great to see giggsy score against spurs at the weekend with a free kick really brought back some memories
Old school! I liked the fact that even after so many appearances for United and with his age (sorry Ryan) and experience, he admitted that they still stop behind after training to practice free kicks, etc.
Yup - there is a reason that Becks is so good at freekicks. Obviously a large part of it is natural talent, but he wouldnt be able to do is so reguarly without the hours and hours of practice he put in after training. Some players just love to play football and we have been lucky at United over the years. Now we have Rooney who must be the most enthusiastic footballer you will ever see.
It was great to see Giggs score from a freekick again....And as said above fair play that even now with all his experience that he would still stay behind and practice them after training.
hargreaves might have a pop now and then
Yeah, hopefully Hargreaves takes some when he's back, and Anderson too if he can repeat his free kick from pre season!
Let's not forget Ando!
good idea
I'm sure we will score more free kicks this season.
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