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Full Version: Maybe The ‘Worst United Team In Years’ Will ONLY Win The League This Year
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Manchester United were more or less written off when we sold Cristiano Ronaldo, given the great contribution he made to our team over the past few years. Similar things were said after Ruud van Nistelrooy was sold, when David Beckham joined Real Madrid, when Eric Cantona hung up his boots etc. It seems as though the media and rival fans just don’t learn.

Ahead of our 3-1 victory over Spurs, where we played with ten men for the last half an hour, this current bunch of players were described as ‘the worst United team in years’ by one journalist, something our manager finds highly amusing.

“Some guy at the weekend said this was the worst United team in years,” said Ferguson. “That was a beauty. Maybe it is. Maybe we’ll only win the league.”
The league will do me just fine. Come in number 19, your time is up!
Fergie is in the know; Is there anything that doesn't get to his desk. He loves knowing even the smallest gossip at the club so i have heard. Just brilliant.
we will seee.. i have faith about this team
Chelsea still have to deal with players away at the African Cup of Nations, coming up.
At one point we had Kleberson, Bellion, Miller, Silvestre, Smith and Richardson in our squad. That was the worst in the last few years.
Worst team in years? Journalist clearly didn't know what he was talking about! We might lack Ronaldo, or a player of his style and directness but we adapt and change the way we play. We enjoyed a really good run playing a certain way with Ronaldo in the side, now the times come for our style to alter again. SAF's just keeping things new and fresh. I think that maybe the journalist needs to take a look at the few seasons following the 98/99 treble winning one. Our style never really changed and there was a lack of activity in the market. Come 2002, SAF was being critisized for allowing us to stagnate, due to no change in our system, leading to us becoming somewhat predictable!
P.s. look what happened in the seasons following that treble success, a hat trick of titles? If thats dissapointing, i'll take that all day long!
Can't believe how many people just seem to want to write us off! I think the league is more competitive this year and we'll definitely be a player. I think post Christmas will be an interesting time for Chelsea - losing players to african Nations and an aging squad etc...
(15-09-2009, 06:28 PM)manutd031 Wrote: [ -> ]Blah!!

I'm from 606, remember my name?

no. not really.
Slow news days and the papers will print any old rubbish, in an attempt to dig at United! Yeah, we lost Ronny and Tevez, but as already stated, we've lost some great players under SAF and we've also had one or two clowns, but we'll march on.
A weak team, ha ha, ha! Nearly fell off my chair laughing at that! Rooney, Berba, Owen, Fletcher et al are weak???? I'd like to see what they think of the mid table sides, like Liverpool, etc!!
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