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Full Version: Berbatov
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Im really dissaponted with this dude.

I know it's early in the season but i'd have expected him to have done more than one goal and , i think, and assist, especially if you compare him with rooney.

I couldn't stand him last season; over-rated, over paid, over paid-for,and over played. 14 goals for a £30.75m record signing i think everyone would agree that that is terrible, and most of them were tap-ins. Had he not partly made up for this with his assists, i believe he would be in a lot of trouble with the manager and the fans.

Following the departure of Ronaldo and Tevez, I thought that he would shine this season, but instead the players that have been doing that are players like Nani and Anderson. He's starting to get on my nerves again.

It's not his performances, no. Its the goals. Thats the job of the striker: score goals. Thats the job he did at Tottenham, and its the job he can't do here. Even the assists, where are they going?

He should be given a good kick up the backside!
he rocks

I agree hes not playing amazing but he has unbelievable talent and if we get that out he could be one of the best players to ever play for the club
He is getting there
Have faith, he's not that bad. Plus, it's better than selling him for only a couple of a million. ;D
I think Berbatov offers something different to our other strikes, which is why we should stick by him and give him a chance!
His first touch is brilliant. This season he is a regular in the starting lineup and it will pay off soon. I am hoping today will be the day.
I usually try not to take what players a say about themselves to heart, but he has admitted that his style of play looks lazy. He certainly is skilled enough, he just has to realize how fast United can (and does) go after teams. I think he will come into it this season and will be a good investment.
He holds the ball really well. I feel he has definately upped his game this season compared to last. Have faith.
yeah but remeber that last season he had noo pre season what so ever and he got it this year!
will we see this year if he was worth the money!
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