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Full Version: My views so Far this Season
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Hi i am new to this forum and i thought i would give my views so far this season
1. Rooney has started the season on fire and what is good is he is scoring all sorts of goals.. i said at the start of the season if he doesnt get at least 20 league goals then there's a problem. Rooney has been excellent so far and lets hope he can keep this form up.

2. Valencia - Did not really have much of a pre season and i have been impressed with what i have seen, i still think alot of people have there Ronaldo head on when he plays. Valencia has gone about his business quietly and although not delievering anything spectacular he has been pretty tidy in each game he has played. In todays against city he did well when he came on, got down the byline and was involved. superior to park in my opinion.

3.Foster - i expect two things when he plays. 1- a glaring error. 2. A brilliant save. To be honest he's done alright and we've only lost one match which is the most important thing. however i dont think VDS is having many sleepless nights and will probably walk back into the team, which says it all really.

4. Owen. obviously today is quite possibly going to be the high point of his season, as it would be for any new utd player. if he gets to 15 goals this season then wont really be complaining. His goal was what we bought him for. a striker who comes off the bench, gets in the right position and then finishes the guilt edge oppurtunity when it comes.

5. The midfield - think fletcher is brilliant and has easily surpassed the likes of carrick in the pecking order. if he keeps adding a few goals to his game then i'd go as far as to say we have a genuine world class midfielder.
Carrick has gone backwards imo. a player who if his tail is up and ppl around him are playing well then he's fine, but if you need someone to dig in deep and really find some grit he goes missing.
Anderson - fergie seems to have given him a swfit kick up the backside which has got him a bit more focused. when he concentrates he links up the midfield well and has a good engine. when he doesnt he gives the ball away cheaply and can be infuriating. currently though i'd say he's worth his place in the big game setup.
nani has improved since last season. personally i thought his old trafford career was nearing the end but now i'm willing to give him another chance. just needs to keep his head down and concentrate on doing the right thing rather than trying the spectacualr. when he plays for the team and not as an individual he is a decent player.
Hargreaves if he comes back fit and is the same player he was, then i'd be delieghted. would basically be like signing a new world class midfielder.
Great post, jimmycricket, and welcome to the site.
I think that's the kind of post the owner would be after. One that you've obviously thought about and written in your own words. You talk a lot of sense.
Totally agree about Carrick, especially. He is so lacking in confidence, it is affecting his game. Valencia is a good buy and adds a wider dimension to the team.
It'll be interesting to hear what you think about the defence. Not just today, of course.
Rep points on their way.
I personally feel that are back four is suffering from the loss of Edwin Van Der Sar. Even though he is nearly 40 years old he is still quite clearly the best Goal Keeper at the club. He breathes and air of calmness into our back Four. The next problem we have is the same problem we had when the great dane left. How do we replace Edwin Van Der Sar. So far this season i have grown very concerned with our back four. For example
1. Rio Ferdinands lack of Fitness. For me ths is a big concern. In my opinion he did not look fit today.
2. I feel Vidic suffers without Ferdinand there
3. Are lack of a quality right back to match Evra on the other side of the pitch.
In my opinion out two best defenders this season have been Johnny Evans and Patrice Evra.
Nice one. There are questons over the keeper's jersey, once VDS hangs up his gloves. Maybe more appearances in the 1st team will help Foster to grow, or maybe it's time to either look at Kuszcak or ship in a new face.
Rio didn't look at his best, but a great asset to the side to have an unfit Rio to support Vidic. I'd like to see Rafael and Fabio get a run, fitness allowing.
(20-09-2009, 06:42 PM)Noucamp99 Wrote: [ -> ]maybe it's time to either look at Kuszcak or ship in a new face.

i think we should give foster a good run boin europe and in the prem, althoug i think SAF is being a bit nasty to kuskack. i mean, when your3rd choice keeper, and 1st choice is out, you can't help thinking that your gonna get a few starts, but he hasn't got any.

foster can grow into great keeper, but i also think that we should keep an eye on that young german dude...he' a great player.
Totally agree with you Nou Camp 99 i feel that Fabio and Rafael need to have a run of games. Both of them ooze quality but are still learning the game. Particularly in defending. The only problem really is where. At this present time Patrice Evra is one our best players so to drop him for any game would not make sense. I feel Fabio and Rafaels best chance of a game would be at right back. Last year Rafael really pushed on and proved that right back is any area of the pitch which is up for grabs. Just a shame he has been injured, i do feel that Fabio is better, his time will come this season.
I can see the cup competitions, both the Carling and the FA being used to blood the youngsters in bigger atmospheres, with more pressure, than just reserve games. Evra will be rested for the occasional Premier league game ahead of, perhaps the Champions league weeks when we return to face Chelski and the wheel stealers.
Obviously, there is a 'vacancy' at right back, with Wesley, John O'Shea and Gary Neville the only other candidates. Ritchie De Laet is another bright prospect, but against the wheel stealers reserves, he acutally played at centre back.
The talent and depth of squad is still as strong as ever and also points to a bright future.