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Recent speculation has linked United with a move for Bolton's centre back Gary Cahill. Cahill is being followed by Chelsea, Juventus and AC Milan, but with Chelsea's transfer ban and Cahill prefering to stay in England it seems United are the front runners. Fergie has earmaked Cahill as a possible replacement for Rio, espceially with Rio's poor fitness over recent weeks.

This could be a good siging especially with the injureis we have had in defence recently. He is English too which would help with the new squad rules and the possible 6+5 rule.

Source: The Sun
yea id say SAF is thinking on the home grown rule
get tom hudlestone too he's a super player
Not sure. He seems to do it in fits and starts. Not a regular top performer, after promising much in his early career.
i havnt really herd of but i havnt herd of vidic before he came eder
(30-09-2009, 05:44 PM)donlerz Wrote: [ -> ]get tom hudlestone too he's a super player

Not sure we would go for Huddelstone, decent player but probably not United quality. Plus he has had fitness problems.

For what he would cost there are alot of players I would prefer, Cahill being one of them.
you will see a lot of english players being linked with utd now with this new rule
Nothing new there. United, being the World's greatest club are usually linked with everyone and anyone.
I don't know a lot about Cahill. He seems to sit under the radar, really.
It's strange, though, that we're only a matter of weeks into the season and we're looking toward January and next summer already. Still, you get nowt for standing still.
Juve and Milan are after Cahill too, so I think we need to get in quick, there's no rule saying you cant negotiate for a player before windows, so as you said to sooner the better.
yeah but would he like to move to italy when hes been in england for so long, id say utd would be the first on his list as he is used to the premiership
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