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Full Version: Most Exciting Season Yet?
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I've just finished watching le Arse v Blackburn and what an entertaining match it was. It ended 6-2 to Wenger's lot. He celebrates being their longest serving manager this week and also, being everbody's second favourite manager (sarcasm).
There was piece on Football Focus yesterday, I think, about the fact that this season has seen the highest average number of goals per match at 2.95! There have been only (not including yesterday) only 5 draws in 66 matches.
With citeh spending big, le Arse re-finding some form (and the net!!), chelski and the wheel stealers also looking reasonable, this season, like everyone before it, has delivered the early season promise of being the best ever.
I'm sure we're all going to see many twists and turns as the season progresses.
Hmm, I guess a draw will be preferable this afternoon at the bridge.
I just can't get enough....
yeh theres already been some matche played that will go down as classics (e.g united vs citeh)
yea that Manchester derby was hard to watch- great game. This season, it seems that there are a top eight instead of a usual top 4. Man. city and Spurs will challenge Arensal and Liverpool for Champions league spot with Aston Villa not too far behind. Hey, Sunderland with Steve Bruce look impressive also.
yeah everton have surprised me havnt been great! what happend blackburn in the last 3 years they were ok at one stage im sure.
yea i agree this has been the most exciting season in years but sure as long as it is exciting sure thats great, if it were boring then i wouldnt be as good, its no wonder the prem is the best league in the world
I started this thread last October, suggesting that this was the most exciting season yet. With 2 games to go and with the fact that anything could still happen, was I right? So many twists and turns and loads of goals and some interesting results and performances.
You got it right Sir Nou, never thought I'll be cheering the scouse on!
I dont really care as long as we win our games thats all we can do. but liverpool arent gonna lie down either with 4th spot at stake
I'm flying out to Corralejo on Saturday, so will find a bar to watch the United game. Of course, if I can get to see the scouse match, too, it may or may not be a bonus! That is why this is the best league in the World! OK, so La Liga might be technically better, but there are only 2 teams involved every year, really. A bit like Scotland? Can I really compare La Liga with the Scottish prem, lol?