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I think these players will make a big impact on whether we will buy any players next summer, and who we will buy.

In goal, it looks as though Van Der Sar will call it quites next summer. This will mean that, unless a new signing comes in, Kuszack or Foster will be number one next season. Personally, I think Kuszack is a much better keeper, but it looks as though Fergie wants Foster to be the main man very soon. A lot of people have said to give Foster time, that he is young, and will improve, but then again he is the same age as Pepe Reina, and no one sees him as a wonderkid. I've heard that Fergie's got very angry and frustrated with him after the Sunderland game. If the gaffer sees a lack of improvement from his peformances, I can see a new face coming in and taking the number one shirt.

In centre midfield, a lot of United fans have said that they want a DM come in, but with Flecher stepping up and Hargreaves returning, I can't, and don't want, to see that happen. But almost everyone wants to see us bring in a CM that can score goals, and thats why Lyjac's name is on the title of the thread. He's absolutely fantastic going forward, and is tipped to become one of the world's greatest players in a few years time. And then there's Anderson and Gibson, who can both score goals. The latter has said that he wants to continue his career with United and break into the starting line-up. I can't see us buying a Centre Midfielder any time soon.

On the wings, now, and it looks as though the debate on whether Nani is good enough for United is still going on. If he just works on his consistency and final ball, I can see him getting into double figures this season. Valencia has been givena lot of critisism lately, but come on, the man has only just joined us. He needs to get used to the fact that he will have more space when playing for a big club like United, and needs to work on his finishing. Great crosser, though. Tosic is looking good in the reserves, and the only thing I can see wrong with him is his lack of strenght. And then there's Obertan, who I'm a major fan of, and I can see him challenging for a starting XI place on the right wing this season.

Up top we are linked with many big names and I can't see us buying any of them in the summer. Yes maybe we could do with another striker, but we should also think about the younger players like King, Welbeck and Macheda. Diouf, according to SAF, will join us either in the summer or in January. He looks like a fantastic signing (with one of the best heading abilities I've seen) but I can't see him settling in England straight away. Im notbeing funny, but I think he will take about five years to get used to the way England is, and can see him, In a few years time, being one of these older world-class talents, like Kaka, Ribery, Berbatov, Villa etc. Lastly I am going to talk (or type) about Berbatov. I mean this, I've seen nothing, nothing wrong with what he's done on the pitch this season. I only want one thing from him: Goals. That's the one stat about him that makes you dissapoined. Some people say his assists make up for it, but a striker's job is to score goals, and he doesn't score enough.

If these players live up to their expectations, then I don't think we need anyone new in the summer. That is, if no-one leaves, of course...
I can see us buying a keeper, someone like Akinfeev, Cesar, Lloris etc. As it is such a key position, Howard and Carrol lost us lots of points and we were knocked out of the Champions League twice becuase of thier mistakes.

I dont think we need another striker certainly not a top one. Mabye another youngster but nothing more

Midifelder, I think it depends on how Ljajic settles in when he comes in Jan, if he isnt making an immidate impact. I would love to see a player like Gourcuff who can link the midfield and strikers.

I think we could do with a right back. O'Shea does a job, but we need more, Rafael is too inexperienced, with Brown and Neville not fit enough. Maicon would be a great addition, he is 28 so would be at the top of his game and would be a great help to Rafael, especially with them both being from Brazil.

I also think another centre back is vital, with Rio's back, Evans possible needing ankle sugury and Brown not 100% we can look a little light. Add in that other clubs are sniffing around Vidic and another centre back will be high on the list. Possibly someone like Cahill.

But we'll just have to wait and see.