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On my web design website I got contacted by a guy who wanted me to make him a blog all about Ireland football. is the site I made and I am really pleased with the way it turned out. He is telling me he, he has a big budget and is going to advertise with a few clubs over there to get the name out of the blog. He seems really determined to make the site a success and I thought I would show you guys that I made it Wink and that you guys can know about it before the rest (seem as I know theres a few of youz from Ireland on here)

Tell me what you think about the design. :guinesssm
glad to see the irish sprit from an english young man !i like it what dose he mean about he know's team's in ireland so do i ????
Site looks good. Nice and easy to navigate and clear links, etc. Will be a good playground, if you like, for the Irish fans to do just as we do here and have a laugh and be serious, too. Good one.