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Full Version: Whats the worst movie you ever seen.....
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......for me it has to be be-kind rewind starring jack black,

utter crap
be cool

I hate it.
Jeepers Creepers. 1 & 2. Both really, really bad. Still don't know why we bothered with the sequel!
Pirates of the Caribbean...
I found it really boring and didn't even finish it...
(14-11-2013, 04:14 PM)Lin Wrote: [ -> ]The Avengers. I think it turned out to be the worst movie for me due to the fact that I was expecting it to be a lot better, filled with better scenes and actions. A great disappointment.

Hard to please now are we?

Anyways, anything directed by Uwe Boll is pretty much unwatchable. Haven't seen a worse movie maker.