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Full Version: Windows 7
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Anyone upgrade yet?

I got a free version from ThePirateBay on a torrent.

I now have Windows 7 Ultimate.

It is very good everything works so fast ans nothing freezes.

It is a bit tricky to install and to crack the licence but if anyone is interested in installing it and can't add me oon any of my IM's and I will gladly help you.
Funny, cos Which? doesn't recommend this, as there are already known issues. They suggest waiting about a year before installing. I guess you may have other thoughts? I can't remember what they said in detail, but I'll try to find out.
dosent seem too different from vista tbh, bill gates is trying to con us
Microsoft trying to make money? Andy! Where on earth do you get that kind of idea, lol!!??
no way guys it's very good

vista has been known to be very problematic.

I think if you guys get 7 you will not be disappointed
OK. I couldn't find the item from Which? but my bro-in-law has it somewhere. I'll ask him for the details and warnings.
vista is s*it windows 7 is better
i hope they make a better job at office 2010 than 2007, cause 2007 is utter crap
Windows 7 is really nice, its as fast as XP and as nice as Vista. It also comes with tons of new features and is faster and more stable Smile.
I cant wait to try it...

All new releases will have bugs but its still beter than vista which is riddled with bugs.
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