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Avatar - DaleDaManc - 19-12-2009

Has anybody went to see this yet?
Saw it thursday and was very happy i didnt think it would be as good as it flim i have seen yet this year but i havnt seen the hangover yet(anybody have a lend of it lol)


my rating 9/10

RE: Avatar - andrewcmufc - 20-12-2009

i could post a link to watch movies for free but i need steves permission

RE: Avatar - DaleDaManc - 20-12-2009

STEVOO let him Smile

RE: Avatar - StuPot - 21-12-2009

A legal link...
Search here for movies to watch online: (online video guide) it lists thousands of video sites.. Many which you can watch movies online through... And all free.

RE: Avatar - DaleDaManc - 21-12-2009

hey. as seen above you need permission for ManUtdPeople(stevo)to post links . but id say your ok this time that you know now Smile

RE: Avatar - StuPot - 21-12-2009

Ahh ok... I dont see why not if its not blatent spamin though.. Maybe should make it so newbies cant post links untill they've been verified an not being a spammer.

RE: Avatar - DaleDaManc - 21-12-2009

o yeah. im only saying this mate so you dont get in the bad books.

RE: Avatar - StuPot - 21-12-2009

I know bud... I just meant that we need to think up another system for permissions on posting link.. Stevo should install a anti spam modifcation.. I'll find the mod for him.. he jus needs to get it installed. I'll post it in the suggestions forum when i find it.

RE: Avatar - DaleDaManc - 21-12-2009


RE: Avatar - Vazza - 22-12-2009

Great film....
hope it gets more oscar's