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Donate - WatchMUFC - 10-04-2009

Donations Can Help Us Upgrade The Site. We need Donations also to pay for advertising to make the forum bigger and better. The more donations we get the better the website will get and the more the users will enjoy it.

Donations Can Be Made Via Paypal at the bottom of this page.

Every person that donates will get there name added to this list.

Please help us out nothing is to small.
Thank you.

New Feature: All Donors now receive a special picture under their Username on the forum as a special thanks.

Donors List:
1: DrpMaster
2: red3636
4: spiritof58

RE: Donate - drpsmaster - 13-05-2009

He shoots...He scores!!!!! Let's hope tonight's match is as easy to sort out. 35 pounds winging it's way to you c/o Paypal. Keep up the good work

RE: Donate - Snoopy - 13-05-2009

Hi guys

This is my first post, just to let you all know that I have donated a tenner to hopefully keep things rolling along.

Please everyone make this a place to be proud of.



RE: Donate - doccoq - 15-05-2009

What are the actual rules about watching live streams?
On the old site the admin people had up, it seemed very easy to use, good quality screens and the chats were mostly from true supporters. Why did this get closed down? Surely its a legal thing in the country where the site is hosted rather than some global law...

RE: Donate - flick1208 - 15-05-2009

how long is this site in operation?
i only found it the other day by accident.

RE: Donate - unitedman - 04-06-2009

I donated a 5er to keep you goi g during these long summer months

RE: Donate - chazza - 31-08-2009

Please can anyone else donate and remember donations improve the site for you!