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Ringtones - WatchMUFC - 11-04-2009

I had an idea to make a few Man Utd Ringtones for your phone but I could only think of one.
If you have any ideas of Man Utd Ringtones that you would like for free for your phone please comment here and I will try my best.

So Far...

1: "And Solskjaer Has Done It" Famous 1999 Commentary.
2: "When seagulls follow a trawler, it is because they think sardines will be thrown into the sea." Famous Cantona Quote.
3:"Champions Of England Champions Of Europe" Old Trafford Chant

Download Them From Below.

RE: Ringtones - chazza - 12-04-2009

How about the famous Cantone seagulls quote?

RE: Ringtones - WatchMUFC - 14-04-2009

added any other ideas people

also added

Champions Of England Champions Of Europe Chant

RE: Ringtones - Zicky - 19-04-2009

thanks for share

RE: Ringtones - d3ku - 25-04-2009

Would love some ringtones Big GrinD

RE: Ringtones - StuPot - 29-04-2009

"Arriving at Old Trafford is moving to the highest level and there is nowhere else to go now"

Michael Carrick, on having reached the pinnacle of the English game and his desire to stay there.

RE: Ringtones - unitedman - 10-07-2009

the Champions Of England one is now old

I'm still using it but it needs updating ha

how about getting the

18 Times and thats a fact one??

RE: Ringtones - chazza - 10-07-2009

How about the famous quote from Mr Mark Lawrenson: You don't win anything with kids. Would be great for irony.

RE: Ringtones - daijamesMUFC - 18-07-2009

what about cheer up alan shearer

RE: Ringtones - andrewcmufc - 19-07-2009

could you make a ringtone for you are my solksjar

that would be class