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New Logo - WatchMUFC - 03-02-2010

I think it was about time for a new logo for our great website...

[Image: logo.png]

What You Guys Think

RE: New Logo - Noucamp99 - 03-02-2010

I just posted on the 'New MUP' thread. Just at about the same time.

I like it. Looks modern, clean and sharp. Nice to see the tagline is back, too. Great work, sir!

RE: New Logo - Dj Quick - 03-02-2010

looks slick boss good job

RE: New Logo - DaleDaManc - 03-02-2010

yup much nicer much say there was nothing wrong with the old one but this one beats it by miles

RE: New Logo - Vazza - 04-02-2010

hey dale .. happy u are back

nice ... looks crisp Smile

RE: New Logo - StuPot - 04-02-2010

Yep it's looking good... I like it way better than the other one... how about sticking a bit of green & gold on it? But yeah, good job, steve!

RE: New Logo - Noucamp99 - 04-02-2010

Personally, I think that the green and gold has to be a personal choice, as requested by MUST. I'm not sure that the website should necessarily show the colours, even though I fully support the green and gold myself.

Good point, though.

RE: New Logo - DaleDaManc - 05-02-2010

yupp i think the same a green and gold logo with a sexy red and black theme wouldn't look right and changing the wonderful theme for a diff logo is pointless lol

RE: New Logo - WatchMUFC - 05-02-2010

agreed i tink green and gold up there woud look very out of place

RE: New Logo - DaleDaManc - 05-02-2010

But it is a good idea seeing we are all green and gold these days!