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RE: My Right To Speak Freely - UnitedsRedArmy - 16-02-2010

(16-02-2010, 10:26 AM)Bennthered Wrote: I'm a red but the g&g for me is to show that im unhappy at the way the club is being run, and want something done about it! not the fact that im lining anyones pocket!
so i will keep my green and gold avatar and be proud of it! (even if it is like a 5 yr old did it!)

Its your right mate, good luck.

RE: My Right To Speak Freely - Rattylad - 16-02-2010

(15-02-2010, 10:07 PM)UnitedsRedArmy Wrote:
(15-02-2010, 09:49 PM)andrewcmufc Wrote: wow, ura this thread is really gaining interest

Good sometimes its nice to debate things, even if you don't agree at least something is said and all dialogue is good anyway, its better to be known for having an opinion than just be a sheep right?


RE: My Right To Speak Freely - P211 - 17-02-2010

is it me? or is there 2 many responses to this thread...geez :/

RE: My Right To Speak Freely - Noucamp99 - 17-02-2010

There are a few, but that is a great discussion. Too bad if you missed it and are now trying to play catch up with the whole thread, lol!

RE: My Right To Speak Freely - UnitedsRedArmy - 18-02-2010

Wait until i start again tomorrow maybe lol, i have been quiet because i was away, lets have more things to make our blood boil lol.


RE: My Right To Speak Freely - sammy68 - 24-02-2010

In our society everybody has a right to think and believe what they like. We are not all going to sing of the same hymn sheet but its obvious that we all love utd which is why these forums exist. If somebody wants to wear the green and gold thats their choice, as it is of the the person who chooses not to. It does not mean they care less.

We ALL have this great club's best interests at heart.

RE: My Right To Speak Freely - Dj Quick - 24-02-2010

People will do as they will do you boycott a game give you season ticket up you will probably get people from the other side of the world who fly over for a game theyre hardly going to not buy merchandise or give up their ticket. Im from N Ireland i would go over religiously if i had the money because i know plenty from here that do go to near every home game.