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Anyone Walking There Dog In This Weather
(11-01-2010, 06:05 PM)DaleOD Wrote: Back to school Wednesday! Sad

ha ha, you's had long enough off
you can never have long enough of mate
You need to get back to school and learn loads ready for when you leave and go into the big bad world of job seeking!
I have a job !
Is playing for Madrid not a job?
Just waiting on the work permit now!
tic tok tic tok
It's trying to snow again in Essex. We were supposed to have a big fall last night, but nothing came of it. There is supposed to be tons again today, but it's really fine stuff - like sleet.
we were suppose to have a bit aswell today, no sign yet, its cold enough though
Too cold for going out today. Wind is bitter!
yep, pity i have too go back too work
Nah no more snow for us in the south think its floods on the way Smile
you's had a bad doing down there with floods, we weren't flooded at all

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