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Anyone Walking There Dog In This Weather
It's absolutely peeing down this morning, mixed with thick fog! Really nasty accident (on other side of dual carriageway) on the way to work this morning. About 10 cars involved, form what I could see. loads of police, ambulance and fire crews.

Go careful guys!
Yeah crash i herd out the road form me also..Drive slowly boys
I got home safely, btw!
good stuff!
Well I'm happy, anyway!
The cold weather is due back again in the next couple of days. I feel sorry for those people who have either just returned to normal or who do indeed have to walk their dog! You're maybe best off with a cat, cos you can just lob them out the door and they tend to look after themselves!
Cat no way!!!! ewwwwwwwwww lol
They can bring you presents, like dead birds and mice and stuff! And cough up fur balls! Not my idea of fun, either!
haha.they scare me! dogs are the best init!
pit bulls,staffordshire terriers do it for me!
Our next door neighbours have a blue staff. Was gorgeous as a pup, but not so nice looking now! Ask Ronaldinosa about his terrier. He's a lot of fun! The terrier, of course!!

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