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Beckham Confirms What We All Know...
Saf said te same.... Becks can be UTD global ammbasedor after his football carrier..
(01-02-2010, 03:09 PM)Noucamp99 Wrote: Trevor is in cloud cuckoo land! Are you Garry Cook in disguise, cos he has been spouting a whole load of crap recently, like WHEN city go to Wembley (dumped out of the carling cup) and how the balance of power has shifted. Numpty. When your trophy cabinet looks like this

[Image: n1e429.jpg]


and not this

[Image: empty_cabinet_australia.jpg]

then you're welcome to come back.

LOOOOL I missed this somehow just about sums it up they really are bitter blues
And why it's only the mercenaries who will sign for them and not the truly World Class players. Judas, Adebayor, Barry, Lescott? Not truly world class.
That's great... And i really like to see when he played for United..
It takes more than money to become as big a club as utd and Beckham is spot on in his assessment of City. Whilst were all glad he didnt score against us if he had he would have been shown the respect from our fans he rightly deserves. One of the all time greats in my humble opinion!

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