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Blatter could scrap offside rule
Blatter could scrap offside rule: Football supremo could emulate hockey example

Fifa president Sepp Blatter has quizzed the sport of hockey on the benefits of scrapping their offside rule, amid talk that football could follow suit.

Quote:Offside decisions are often the most debated issues in football, but that could amazingly become a thing of the past if hockey's example is replicated.

The sport abolished the offside rule once and for all in 1998, a move that made for a more exciting and attractive game for spectators.

Now Hockey president Leandro Negre has confirmed he held informal talks with Blatter on how his game went about implementing the radical change.

Negre believes Blatter was keen on learning about how the sport was affected, although he stopped short of providing him with his final opinion.

Source: Sky Sports - Link

What do you guys think? I'd like to see it stay. FIFA probably has bigger things to worry about than the off-side rule.
I had to check the date! It isn't April 1st and I've been asleep all through March.

Come on Blatter, you daft old goat. Bugger off and leave the game as it is! If we wanted to have games where the striker just hung around the goal, waiting for his chances to come, we'd have signed Gary Lineker years back and moved to 5-aside football!
thats a load of balls. offside makes u scream at ur tv. it is exciting please exit now blatter
And put some wood in the hole on your way out. Twat!

Hey, I've another idea! Why don't we scrap matches althogether, in case someone else gets hurt like Ramsey and replace it with computer simulated results! Cracking idea! That way, not clubs would ever go into administration; there'd be no fights with opposition fans; no arguing over "it should have been a red card". Sorted! Also, we could run the simulation in August, know the results for the whole season and get on with going shopping with the missus on a Saturday instead?

Have I lost the plot or are you with me, Blatter?

I've lost the plot, of course.
blatter and platini piss me off. you would swear theyre out to end football
You're right. They just want to spend the rest of their days, in their comfy slippers, sipping sherry and watching a nice game of bowls.

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