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Champions League 2010
the finals on in Reals ground so I can't see real winning it in there own ground that just never happens
Yeah I know what you mean but if you have a chance at winning it would be on your own ground as you are used to it and all.

I can't wait till 2011 when the final is at Wembley!
did you also know that the finals are on saturday evenings from now on Wink

Hmmmmmmmmmmmm, i'm not so sure if that is a good idea, champions league games are famous for midweek nights so to move the final is strange!
are you serious about the final being on a sat

He definitely was!
There was added pressure a few seasons ago when the final was in Glasgow?.
I think it was the year that Sir Alex was supposed to be retiring and they we saying what a fitting swansong it would have been for him to win the European Cup in his home town?
That did not happen thankfully(Sir Alex retiring)and the rest as they say is history?
My point is that Real Madrid have HUGE expectations this season after all the money they have spent and they will want to win the European Cup so,so bad on their home ground?
How nice would it be to knock them out in the second leg of a Semi-Final at O.T to deprive them of the chance and then go over to Madrid and do Barcelona in the final.
I think it is destiny that we will play them at some stage this season?
Yes that would be great and you just see Ronaldo shaking his head knowing he shouldn't have gone and his replacement Valencia gets the winner, imagine!
ahhhhhhhhh dat would be crazy

every united fan would be looking on with a huge smile on there face sayin

"haha f**k u u twat u dont move from united and g 2 bigger things"

well dats wat ill b tinkin nyway
sat nite is really good for the final cause the pubs will stay open late and then on to a nite club

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