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Champions League 2010
i still want arsenal in the competition
well we will have to see what celtic do to them tonight
celtic 0-2 arsenal

celtic were unlucky with a cruel deflection and a og

cant seee them going through now
second leg tonight, celtic were really unlucky last week but i hope they pull an upset on arsenal and send wenger crying
Yeah, come on the hoops! But I can't see any other result than an Arsenal win and possibly by a big margin.
you never now, we were all saying that last week about the utd-burnley game
is it on tv?

if not I will add streams for everyone to watch
i dont think so only on sky sports
Talking of TV, I can't believe that I've got no choice of matches to watch on ITV tonight! Only the Wheel Stealers and nothing on ITV2! Wish I had Sky! Off to live streams to laugh at Arsenal! 2-0 after 5 minutes, ha, ha, ha!
it woukd be fansatstic

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