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Ah nice you play online?
yea I used to a good bit but havn't been that much ina while u???
Yeah mate I go on xbox live but not been on to much recently.
I normally play ps3 for the 1st month when I get a new game and then lose interest
I know what you mean it is the same for all apart from Fifa which I play for ages!
I'm a PS3 and FIFA man all the way. My brother in law was a PES, but has come over to the right side after seeing the light. FIFA10 pre-ordered at Game (other shops are available!), so ready to go in October. I hope they've sorted the lag out that there is on PS3 games when you play a through ball, as the players still seem to perform a loop. I can't wait, either.
cannot wait for FIFA10
prebooked it today in xtra-vision so will have it on launch day, cant wait SmileSmileSmileSmileSmile
Love Fifa, cant wait for the new one.
Just saw the new preview looks GREAT

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