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Favorite Football player
(14-05-2010, 06:30 AM)Noucamp99 Wrote:
(13-05-2010, 07:29 PM)Storm1 Wrote: My favourite players' are:

Wayne Rooney-Manchester United FC.
Theo Walcott-Arsenal FC.
Lionel Messi-FC Barcelona.
Alessandro Del Piero-Juventus FC.
Miccoli-Calcio Palermo.


No All Whites players in that list??? Surely you have a fave Kiwi player? Wink


I'm afraid I do not have a favourite current Kiwi Player ie...All White, but an ex-All White by the name of Wynton Rufer who is a relative of mine was and always will be my favourite player...they call it 'Nepotism'...LOL's. And I forgot to add....another favourite.

Landon Donovan, he played for Everton on loan from the LA Galaxy...I saw him play here in New Zealand, 10 going on 11 years ago in the FIFA Under 17's tournament, I was 15 at the time.

Cheers. Wink
[Image: david-beckham.jpg]

For me this is my one Player.....
Well I like to watch Football too much. And I want to say you that my favorite football player(s) are Warrick Dunn, Ray Lewis, Jamal Lewis, Pearless Price, Terrrel Owen, Todd Pinkston, and Cory Hall. That doesn't mean that others are bad.
I have a lot of favorites.
favorite striker : Andriy Shevchenko
favorite midfielder : David Beckham
favorite defender : Rio Ferdinand
favorite goalkeeper : oliver Kahn
hi there,well my favorite player are Ronaldo and Zidan....Cool
Ronaldinho, when he was a crack in Barcelona.

[Image: ronaldinho1.jpg]
My favourites are Best,Charlton,Law,Giggs,Robson,keane,Stam and Bobby moore.
Nice choice 'Ratty' however, I would have to add Cantona and Beckham to your list.
My favourites are ,..Ronaldo,,messi,....
(10-09-2010, 11:48 PM)Hyltz. Wrote: Nice choice 'Ratty' however, I would have to add Cantona and Beckham to your list.

I would add Paul Scholes before Cantona but i get your point all three duly added Smile

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