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Favorite Football player
my favorites are giggs,nani,forlan,cahill and c.ronaldo
My Favorite Football player is Christiano Rolando,..
Here are mine
1. Lionel Messi
[Image: 2235769977f0fd1f2d61_1.jpg]
2.Cristiano Ronaldo
[Image: cristianoronaldo_1.jpg]
they are always mine favorite players...


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My favourite Football player are two. Ronaldo, zidane. They are really amazing players and the main thing is that only one player from both of them is able to win the game one side. They are really great players. I am the big fan of both of them.
Well there are my 3 most favorite players from the World football . The Names are as below

David Beckham
Aaron Rodgers and David Beckham are my favorite football player.
Juan Roman Riquelme was one of my favourite players to watch. The man was one of the greatest playmakers of the modern game. His control of the ball and ball-retention was sublime and the incisiveness of his passing was second to none.
Mine is Cristiano Ronaldo!
He makes it look so easy, also, Ronaldo's so fast with the feet, has many dribbles, he's great in free kicks and even defends when needed, he's so good all around it's insane,
Cristinao Ronaldo! He really puts a good effort down in the field, he has fast feet, great kicks and good defense too, he's the best.
Quote:Favorite Football player:

Here are my favorites:

[Image: david-beckham.jpg?file=media%2Fcontent%2...&width=450]

[Image: zidan_zidane.jpg]

[Image: ronaldinho_381462a.jpg]

who is your favorite??

midfield player has to be bobby Charlton. the greatest English player over the 50 years watching man utd and paul scholes both for their control,vision,flair,top draw passing ability which will always allow forwards chances. bobby was the most feared player simply because if he was man marked his quickness off the mark left defenders for dead.

as his world stature grew they had to lay off him and then the goals flowed and had pace power everything,that extra touch of briiliance and to many people in the world better than pele as a all round threat in the position he held with man u and England.
as all round controller of the midfield area there has been nobody better than paul scholes.

what a duo if only they played at the same time! both goalscorers wow! both truly world class.

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