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Ferguson Rules Out More Signings
You can never trust the gaffer can you these days
please get douglas costa .... and another CM
SAF has his eye on someone, I dont belive his comments about we will not be bring in any more new players this season. I belive he need another winger and a pitbull type player in Midfeild.

A.Young would be a great signing for us what do you think guys ?
yea young would be a great signing but would he be up to the mark to play at utd
Nooooooooooooooooooooo........ we need to rebuild
If only fergie would just use the cash and get David Silva and David Villa.. Rid us of berba as well.. perfect..
FFS Fergie we need more signings. We need a creative midfielder because personally I don't think Anderson and Carrick are up to it compared to the likes of Lamps, Mash, Ballack, Cesc etc., and Scholes is ageing.
I think our CM is good enough but I think we still need a winger who can play both wings
(18-07-2009, 05:17 AM)vibol619 Wrote: Get sneijder!!

this is exactly who i think wud be a great player for us

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