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Ferguson Rules Out More Signings
yep i agree
better not be the end of transfers.. we need a targetman real badly.. huntelaar wud be great.....
We should hopefully get a few more good ones with us yeah.
Another great striker wouldn't do harm.
snap up silva if he's any good tonight - be nice to p!ss rafa off too : )
1 more up his sleeve me thins from fergie
I really think that we wont be buying anyone else... unfortunately
It may be case of sitting and waiting, if he keeps the squad closed now. I do feel there's a real lack of a team, maybe wording it better "not as strong as it should be".. If a few games in it appears they're needed, I personally believe alex will bring in player(s).

There's plenty of cheap talented players out there, isn't forced to be mega millions either.
we have a strong enough squad now

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