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Football Manager
Just wondering if anyone else here partakes in a spot of Football Manager 2010 ? Ive played every incarnation of this superb game since its first release back in the day . For the past few years ive hosted an excellent online game with three of my mates , we play three evenings a week minimum , the game and banter is superb . Currently managing Notts Forest in the Championship , we are in October 2013 and i currently sit top of the table with a team of 99% free purchases and loans after the board offered me £49 for transfers !! Lost out on promotion last season in the Play off final which i totally dominated yet couldnt score and eventually went down 1-0 to Wigan . Colleagues are managing Coventry (promoted as Champioship winners last season ) who are currently 7th in the premiership , Watford who are currently 7th in the Championship and Crystal Palace , Currently 10th in the Championship .
haven't played the pc version, but have it for psp
I'm in 2017 with my current game, using a lower league addon to extend beyond the blue square north and south... Managed a few lower teams without achieving much apart from one promotion, though I applied to manage wycombe who was cash strapped and struggling entering positions which would knock them out of the blue square premier league.

Did well with them and now I manage crystal palace, took them out of L1 and back into the championship.
Fair play to you in the lower leagues , incredibly tough challenge . Our online game has now reached 2016 . After missing out in the play off final things are still plodding along for me at Forest . We have missed out on the playoffs three seasons ago because , after being top for most of the season , my keeper got injured and i had now decent replacement , so i had to get a loanie who turned out to be complete poney . Previous two seasons i have missed out on the playoffs by a single point !!! This season with seven to play we are currently second , assured of a play off place and four points ahead of WBA who we have to play in a big game next . my entire team is made up of loans and freebies , i s**t you not , as the Forest board have offered me a transfer budget of just £5 ( FIVE POUNDS ) for the past two seasons .
I've noticed that myself mate. On FM10 it's very hard to buy two decent keepers if your not one of the higher teams, I've always managed to find someone suitable to rely on as a sub but it pushes it when you fight for promotion and it's past a joke how much money you get sometimes. I had nearly 6mil with crystal palace in league one and spent about 2mil, in the championship I was given little over 1.5 and most of my squad had aged beyond the league. (5 players retired too)

Luckily I managed to buy a few cheap players and free players like yourself. I sold most of players over a million and cut the wage budget. Playing some good football now too Smile Hopefully I can manage to get a little more cash because promotion at the moment looks strong if I was to get some decent wingers and another good goalkeeper.

Who's your star player and what year you ron?

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